Rose Gold - Raindrop

rose gold raindrop

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This extremely popular and versatile vessel has been taken to a new level.


Production by hand rather than machine ensures our Glass Range are stronger, safer and have greater heat resistance than others on the market.


Candle Care & Safety
The use of candles requires caution and awareness of the associated risks, so please ensure you always follow these safety precautions:
Always burn within sight. Never leave a burning candle unattended.
Keep away from children, pets and flammable materials.
Avoid using in drafty areas, near an open window, air duct or fan.
Never use water or a lid to extinguish a candle.
Never move a burning candle. Ensure candle is extinguished, wax is solid and jar is cold before handling.
Ensure wicks are upright and trimmed to 7mm during use and each time candle is relit.
Do not burn your L A candle for more than 3 hours at a time.
Stop burning when 13mm of un-melted wax remains in the bottom of the glass wear.
Glass may become hot. Burn candle on an appropriate flat heat-resistant surface.
Candle Care Guide
1. Never allow the candle flame to come in contact with the side of the glass.
2. Do not use if glass is cracked, chipped or broken.
3. If candle has multiple wicks, they must all be lit every time the candle is used.
4. Never introduce liquids or foreign objects into candle and keep it free of wick trimmings, matches and any flammable materials.
5. If the glass becomes blackened while burning, extinguish candle, allow cooling and cleaning with a dry paper towel.
6. Use a candle snuffer to properly extinguish a candle flame.