About Us


The Story So Far

"L A Candles" are a range of Luxury Artisan Candles & Diffusers, hand-made by ourselves in the North.

It was set up and established in 2018, by Lorraine K Atkin

And have won three awards in that time a KSBH from Kelly Hoppen badge to follow



L A Ethos

To provide the highest quality of ingredients in our luxury products,

to fragrance your home and enhance your environment.

All the while providing Eco Friendly waxes, superior scents and repurposeable glassware.

Our Wax

Our candles are made from coco soy a wonderful mix of coconut and soy that is ethical,

sustainable & environmentally friendly.

Our candles give a wonderful throw of fragrance when lit.

Our Wicks

Our wicks are either unbleached woven cotton & linen with a paper core.tube or crackle wick   which ever fits the candle type

This minimises wicks from sooting, smoking & 

mushrooming, when the enclosed instructions are followed. 

We never use leaded wicks, they are not legal in the EU.

Our Fragrances​

We have taken much time in sourcing our fragrances.

we use paraben free, EU compliant fragrance oils,

to deliver the best quality and fragrance to you from the "LA Candles" Range.

Vegan Friendly​ Ingredients

We do not support animal testing.

We have checked & verified with our suppliers that

all our ingredients we use in our candles & fragrances are vegan friendly.

Correct Candle & Diffuser Usage

As with all candles & diffusers, please check the safety label attached for

safe appropriate use to get the most from your Luxury Product.

LA Candles

Candles should be placed on a heat resistant surface (eg. table/counter)

& kept well away from flammable materials (eg. curtains)

As a general guide, you should never leave lit candles unattended,

especially in the presence of children or pets.

You should burn your candles for a minimum of one hour to avoid a tunnelling effect

and upto a maximum of 4 hours.

Candle wicks should be trimmed before each use,

this can be done by using a small wick scissors or a nail clippers

LA Diffusers  launching 2019

They should be kept on a firm level surface, away from soft furnishings and sources of naked flames.

Do not spill the diffuser liquid on a polished surface. Should this happen please clean up immediately.

Do not dispose of the diffuser liquid into an open drain or into open water.

As with all fragrance products, they are not intended to be ingested by humans or animals.

Should this happen please seek immediate medical advice.

Please bring the product bottle/packaging with you.